Currently we offer our courier services throughout the East Bay. Our drivers will pick up in the East Bay and deliver up to 60 miles away. If you need a package delivered greater than 60 miles, please call us at (888)614-8881 and we will make arrangements to get the job done.

You will see this message if the driver has not picked up the package or if the package has already been delivered. 

Yes. After signing into your account, go to ACCOUNT tab. Then click MY ORDERS followed by My Courier. Lastly, find the order you want to cancel and click CANCEL.

You'll get this message if: (i) you do not check the box that indicates your package will fit within a 23"x13"x15" box or (ii) you do not check the box that indicates your package is less than 50 lbs or (iii) if you leave both boxes unchecked. 

A SPECIAL ORDER is a feature that we have that allows our drivers to become personal assistants for you. For example, if you want something the mall and don't have the time or means to get an item yourself, one of our drivers will go get it for you. (See the SPECIAL ORDER page for details on how the process works.)